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Solutions: As explained above ama and also vata are the primary causes, so efforts need to be made to absorb ama as well as to reduce the vata. This could be accomplished by diet plan, workouts and also medication. The food digestion ought to be boosted to make sure that no further ama is generated. For this utmost treatment ought to be provided light the fire inside the body. Initiatives need to be made to soothe the pain as well as inflammation. This is the line of treatment baseding on Ayurveda. Fasting is really advantageous for digesting the ama. The fasting must be partial or complete relying on the strength of the season, location and individual. After the fasting, the individual ought to go back to his typical diet plan slowly with different actions. He has to make use of full liquid foods to semi solid to solid food. Two tea spoons of lemon juice combined in 250 ml. of warm water as well as a tea spoon of honey is excellent to take two times a day -early morning and also evening.

Physical body massage therapy with sesame or mustard oil or any kind of Ayurveda herbal oils like Dhanwantharam oil, Murivenna etc helps to lower the vata as well as thus reduce the pain. Other useful oils are Myaxyl, Rymanyl, Rhue and Arthrum. The joints affected by discomfort could be rubbed for longer time till the pain minimizes.

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